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Policies, Procedures & Fees

AFSC Testing Policies & Procedures / By registering, you agree to the following:

  • Registration
    • In order to test at an AFSC test session, a skater must be a member of US Figure Skating with current membership in good standing. 
    • Skaters who are not members of AFSC will pay a $40 non-member fee per test session.
    • Registrations will only be accepted online via EntryEeze.  As of January 1st, 2015, paper forms will no longer be accepted.
    • When a high-level judging panel is available for a session, priority will be given to skaters testing junior or senior level tests since we are unable to accommodate those tests at all test sessions. All other registrations will be accepted on a “first come, first served” basis.
    • Registrations will be accepted from club members first and will be opened up to non-members two weeks before the registration deadline.
    • Online registration will be closed prior to the posted registration deadline if the session fills up.  Skaters may be placed on the waiting list after this point by contacting the test chair. 
    • When submitting a registration that includes a contingent test, be aware that your contingent test fee will be forfeited if you do not pass the prerequisite test
    • If a skater registers for the wrong test, please contact the test chair as soon as possible so that it can be corrected.
  • Late Registration
    • Only offered if extra ice time is available for the test session – late registrations will not be accepted for “full” sessions, but the skater may opt to be placed on the waiting list.
    • A late fee of $10 applies per test added to the schedule after the posted registration deadline.
    • Skater must contact the test chair to register (test chair will enter registration online after fees are collected).
  • Waiting List
    • A waiting list may be maintained by the test chair for skaters who were unable to register before a session filled up.
    • No fees will be due unless the skater’s test can be accommodated – if the skater is able to test, their test fees can be paid at the time of their test.
  • Schedule
    • The schedule will be posted (on the club’s bulletin board at the rink, the club website, and on Facebook) at least one week prior to the scheduled test session.
    • The schedule is subject to minor changes at any time – please check the schedule immediately prior to the session for any changes that may affect you.
    • Completing online registration does NOT guarantee that a skater’s test will make it onto the published schedule.  If AFSC is unable to accommodate a skater’s scheduled test (due to an incomplete judging panel, lack of ice time, etc) then the skater may opt to transfer their test to the next available test session or receive a full refund.
    • The schedule allows for a little extra time in the event of any re-skated elements, and this time is often not utilized, so it is VERY common for test sessions to run ‘ahead’ of schedule, often as much as 20-30 minutes by end of the session, and you should be ready and prepared to take the ice earlier than anticipated.
  • Cancellations/Refunds
    • Refunds for tests prior to the registration deadline will be given at the discretion the test chair.  A $10 administrative fee per test will be deducted from any refund given.
    • After registration for a session has closed, any cancellation requested by a skater for a medical reason such as injury or illness must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the test session, and be accompanied by a physician’s note for a refund to be considered.  Cancellation requests received with less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded.
    • Cancellation for any non-medical reason after registration has closed cannot be refunded.
    • If AFSC is unable to accommodate a skater’s scheduled test (due to an incomplete judging panel, lack of ice time, etc) the skater may opt to transfer their test to the next available test session or receive a full refund.
  • Test Day
    • ALL skaters must arrive at least 45 minutes prior to their scheduled group warm up (the first warmup group may arrive only 30 minutes prior to their warm-up time – the rink may not be opened/unlocked earlier than this).
    • Skaters must check in with the test chair or ice monitor upon arrival – this is also a good time to inquire about whether the schedule is running on time or not, and if there is an out of town judge fee due.
    • Skaters arriving late (or not at all) for their warm-up group will forfeit their test fees unless there is time to accommodate their test at the end of the session.
    • All skaters successfully completing a test level will receive a patch for the level passed.  AFSC members who pass a FreeSkating test or complete a dance level on an AFSC test session will also receive a pin for the level passed.
    • Austin FSC will only award a Patch when a test is passed.  If you are interested in purchasing a USFS Pin please view the prices here.

AFSC Test Fees:

  • Moves in the Field
    • Pre-Preliminary $55
    • Preliminary $65
    • Pre-Juvenile $72
    • Juvenile $72
    • Intermediate $75
    • Novice $75
    • Junior $ 80.00
    • Senior $82.00
    • Adult Pre-Bronze $55
    • Adult Bronze $65
    • Adult Silver $72
    • Adult Gold $75
  • Freeskate:
    • Pre-Preliminary (no music)$55
    • Pre-Preliminary (with music) $55
    • Preliminary $65
    • Pre-Juvenile $72
    • Juvenile $72
    • Intermediate $75
    • Novice $75
    • Junior $80
    • Senior $82
    • Adult Pre-Bronze $55
    • Adult Bronze $65
    • Adult Silver $72
    • Gold $75
  • Dance:
    • Pattern Dances (Solo or Partnered):
      • Preliminary $34 per pattern
      • Pre-Bronze $38 per pattern
      • Bronze-      $38 per pattern
      • Pre-Silver   $38 per pattern
      • Silver         $65 per pattern
      • Pre-Gold     $65 per pattern
      • Gold           $75 per pattern
    • Free Dance
      • Juvenile            $72
      • Intermediate     $75
      • Novice              $75
      • Junior               $80
      • Senior              $80
      • Adult Pre-Bronze $55
      • Bronze               $65
      • Adult Silver        $72
      • Adult Gold          $75
  • Other Fees (in addition to regular test fees)
    • Non-member fee: $40
    • Miscellaneous expenses $20
    • Out of town judge fee: $10 per judges
    • Late Registration Fee: $10 per test
    • Protocol Sheet $25
    • Cancellation Fee: $10 per test, if canceled before registration deadline – once the schedule is posted, no refunds are available
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