Meeting Minutes 26 January 2019

An in-person meeting of the Austin Figure Skating Club (the “Club”) was convened at 8:31am (Austin, Texas time) at Chaparral Ice Warm Room (the “Meeting”).


    Cindy called the meeting to order. A quorum was present. Margot served as Secretary of the Meeting.


    The May 2018 Biannual minutes were reviewed and approved by Club.


    1. 167 members

    2. Bridge Membership modification: can remain bridge member longer than 1 year; now

      can remain bridge member until take a test (pre-preliminary or pre-dance). Once a test is taken (regardless of result), the next registration time will need to move from bridge member to regular member

    3. Tiered membership modifications: because of tax laws, Club can’t offer discounts, soinstead lowering membership fees with tiered volunteer hour levels

    4. Members with issues registering can contact Terry to walk through process


    1. Reminder, the By-Laws were amended last summer to be in line with SafeSport and more accurately reflect the Club

    2. Revisit term limits: discussed removing // approved by Club


    1. Alternating every other month for tests (not monthly)

    2. Past test certificates are available for pick up (see Terry)

    3. Increased the fees (for Club and non-Club members) because cost of ice increased and

      using out of town judges


    1. SafeSport Club chairs: Renae Sundgren, Terry Arthur, Kathy Goeke, Jessica Smith

    2. Any concerns or questions, go to one of the 4 chairs for our Club

    3. On the United States Figure Skating Association website, there is a SafeSport video if

      you complete the video, it gives the member a 1 hour credit on volunteer hours


4. Reminder: when you became a member, you signed a Code of Conduct and need to abide by it


    1. Jackets ordered directly from Chloe Noel

    2. There are 2 cuts of jackets: women’s cut (slim) and unisex

    3. Jackets arriving Jan. 28 and will be dropped off with Flying Thread on Feb. 2

    4. Cost of jackets: $80 (including embroidery); can pay online with nominal fee

    5. New logo will be on the jackets


    1. Poinsettia sale (80/20 split between member and Club)

    2. Skate Wrap (50/50 split between member and Club)

    3. Skate and Dress Sale in December went well

    4. Terry Arthur emailing numbers regarding credit accounts and skate/dress sale proceeds


    1. Chris Castleberry & Alix Vargo assisting

    2. Children and adults welcome, cap of 60 skaters so easily put into manageable groups


    1. Junior Board a group of 12 and above that plan activities for Super Nova; currently Jenny Xu, Anne Marie Chien, Lexie Gouraige, Hannah Hinojosa

    2. Super Nova no update


    1. National Qualifying Series (can skip regionals and go through to sectionals) is something that was applied for; awaiting response

    2. Music and registration will not be through entryeeze

    3. Chair positions available, see sign up sheet at end of Meeting

    4. Stephanie Schmid is Vendor Chair


1. Reminder that “smile” through donates directly to AFSC


There being no further business to come before the Club, upon motion duly made, the meeting was adjourned.


Approved June 17, 2019 Annual Club Meeting

Special Meeting Minutes 8 July 2018

1. Call to Order

  •  Meeting started at 12:12 PM
  • Attendees: Cindy Chapa, Terry Arthur, Margot Gill, Kathy Goeke, Stephanie Schmid, Mindy Hubbard

2. Vacant Vice President Position

  • Board moved to have Marcela Baxter fill the position of Vice President, which has been vacant since the resignation of Sarah Easter on June 11, 2018. Motion by Kathy Goeke, seconded by Margot Gill.
  • Board decided At Large Place 5, previously filled by Marcela Baxter, would remain vacant for the time being.
  • Board discussed possible members who might be able to assist with technology needs.

3. Bridge Membership

  •  Kathy Goeke presented an idea to revamp the Bridge Membership program to allow skaters to remain at the bridge level for more than one year.
  • Board discussion included the need to do a cost-analysis and to have a plan in place by Spring of 2019.
  • No changes to be made to membership levels or prices for 2018-2019. Will consider new ridge membership suggestions for 2019-2020.

4. Business Plan

  •  A 5-year business plan was requested by Ryan Raya prior to any decisions on changes to ice time costs.  Club will form a 3-member committee to create the business plan. 

5. Introduction Letter to Coaches

  •  Letter to coaches will be edited by Kathy Goeke.

6. Old and New Business

  •  Stephanie Schmid would like to head up the start of a new Adult Skater Committee.
  • For consideration: look at adding an activity fee to be rolled into membership fee.
  • A new logo design is under consideration.
  • Need to determine whether a sanction is needed for the 8/11 High Performance Movement Screen.

7. Meeting Adjourned at 2:07PM

  • Kathy Goeke moved to adjourn, second by Margot Gill



Meeting Minutes 1 July 2018

1. Call to Order

  • Meeting started at 1:04 PM
  • Attendees: Margot, Jessica Smith, Cindy, Mindy, Stephanie, Marcela, Terry, Renae, Peggy Sue, Miyuki, Manami

2. Welcome new board members (presented by Cindy)

  • Mariela and Stephanie were welcomed as our newest board members

3. Approve Consent Agenda

  • Approval of Consent Agenda moved to approve by Margot and second by Terry √
  • June Minutes (provided by Kathy) √
  • Treasures Report (provided by Terry) √
  • Members Report (provided by Terry) √

4. Test Chair Report (presented by Cindy)

  • There needs to be an increase in testing fees
  • It was noted last year yielded a loss of $1,700
  • A $10 increase to the out of town fee was moved to a motion by Margot and second by Terry (Fee will be $50).
  • There will be a further review of dance testing fee increases
  • We will revisit having separate fees for MIF versus FS testing
  • Terry is to investigate if you can have separate amounts listed for each additional dance test in EntryEeze
  • Marcela to provide a table with the new prices
    • Available on the last page of this document
  • Stephanie moved to have AFSC pay for the Gold jacket, pin, and patch. This is valid only for AFSC members who have been members for at least 5 consecutive years. All other members will receive a patch courtesy of AFSC. Marcela second the motion.

5. BBO Recap

  • Chair positions discussion (planning for 2019)
    • Volunteer Chair – Cassandra
    • Registration – Lee Carol and Cassandra
    • Ice Monitor – Stephanie
    • Silent Auction – Cassandra
    • Awards – Veronica
    • Officials Hospitality – TBD
    • Coaches Hospitality – TBD
  • This will be located in either locker room C or D
    • Volunteer Hospitality – TBD
  • This will be located upstairs in the Mezzanine area
    • Program Chair – Jessica Smith
    • Sale of practice ice – Inky
    • Competitors Bag Chair – TBD
    • Volunteer Chair – Mariela (Margot moved to elect Mariela as the Volunteer Chair and Stephanie second it)
    • Runners – TBD
  • In 2019, there will be a 4-hour rotation block implemented
  • Donations for BBO
  • Vendor Process
  • Marcela moved to give the five Target gift cards to the Super Nova’s club (Junior Club), and Stephanie second it
  • Stephanie is to look into the application process and moving BBO to March in order to participate in the Excel program

6. Safe Sport/Background Check (presented by Renae, Terry, and Kathy)

  • Will start adding board meeting agendas to the website
  • Board members do not have to have this done by July 1st
  • The breakdown has been added to the AFSC website for SafeSport
  • Renae would like to keep up with updating the website with articles. Stephanie will be helping with this task

7. Meeting with Chaparral Ice Rink Management (presented by Cindy and Terry)

  • No agreement was a made
    • 5-year business plan for AFSC was requested
  • One item to note, they will give us the wholesale price on the jackets if we order through them

8. Club Jackets (presented by Terry and Cindy)

  • Fittings – Date and Time
    • On website
    • There are three fitting dates (7/7, 7/11 AM, 7/11 PM)
    • 8 jackets were purchased from Patty (Chloe Noel jackets with pockets)
  • Same style but different sizes for the members to try on
    • Chaparral Ice has a contract with Chloe Noel. Evan will need to be contacted to get more information on pricing
  • Minimum order = 6 jackets
  • Chaparral Ice’s cost = $38.90
  • Flying Threads – embroidery
    • By the end of September

9. Club Shirts (presented by Cindy)

  • Classic Logo Design – New Logo Design
    • Board reviewed the new logos
    • None were approved

10. S.T.A.R’s – High Performance Movement Screen (presented by Cindy and Renae)

  • The event will be from 1PM to 6PM
  • There is no cost to club members
    • We only need to provide a venue plus six to eight volunteers to help check people in and document measurements
  • There will be a roller ball exercise at the end of the event
  • Participants will be given a report on their measurement
  • This will be offered to juvenile and higher
  • Cindy will ask to see if the level can be lowered
  • This even has been opened to other clubs
  • Mariela moved to have this and Marcela second it

11. Summer Activity – August 12, 2018, Large Marge Party Barge (presented by Cindy and Stephanie)

  • This event needs to be added to the AFSC website to register family members (non-members)
    • This task has been assigned to Stephanie
    • Terry has been assigned a task to setup a PayPal account
  • Stephanie moved to setup a PayPal account for vendors and activities outside of membership and Mariela second the motion.
  • Fee for guests is $25 per person
    • Stephanie is to create a signup genius for items to bring. She will work with Cindy to coordinate what items to include

12. Fundraising Updates

  • Vince Young Gift Card
    • Terry noted the club made $300 from the ticket sales
  • Vince Young Rose Bowl Jersey
    • Terry explained there were almost 300 tickets sold
  • Holiday Market
    • Stephanie had no update at this time

13. Committees

  • Junior Board (presented by Renae)
    • Election and vacant positions, off ice training, etc.
  • Off ice training fee à $20 upfront for each month
  • Board reviewed the Junior Board application for the upcoming election
  • 2 vacant positions are now available
  • Margot moved to have a website created for the Super Nova’s club and Mariela second it
  • Junior Club (presented by Renae)
    • Membership, t-shirt design, planned activities for the monthly event, adult supervision
  • There will be a price increase to $75 (currently $50) to cover the party, t-shirt, and ice time
    • Terry moved to raise the membership rate and Margot second it
  • Junior Club is now Super Novas
    • Marcela moved to approve name change and Stephanie second it
  • Veronica and Cassandra have volunteered to be the adult supervisors
  • Ice fees will be paid for à up to 5 helpers
  • When the monthly events get closer to starting, Elisa will create a signup genius to have the volunteers sign up in advance. Marcela will add the signup genius link to the website
  • Junior Club Open House (presented by Renae, Mariela, and Cindy)
    • Renae presented the flyer (contains the date and time, overview of the club, activities planned, etc)
    • Plan is to send out a survey beforehand to give members a chance to come up with suggestions

14. Old and New Business

  • Terry: We need either a PO Box or a box at the rink to receive mail.
    • We will revisit this request and decide which of the two to get
  • Cindy: AFSC Logo
    • Check price difference between the flag logo and the original logo

15. Adjourn Meeting

  • Ended at 4:05PM

Revised Test Fees – Test types marked in red bold denotes a price change from the original list


Test Type New Test Fee Old MIF Fee Old FS Fee Old Dance Fee
Pre-Preliminary $55 $44 $42
Preliminary $65 $44 $42
Pre-Juvenile $72 $62 $50
Juvenile $72 $62 $50
Intermediate $75 $75 $50
Novice $75 $75 $62
Junior $80 $75 $70
Senior $80 $75 $70
Adult Pre-Bronze $55 $44 $42
Adult Bronze $65 $62 $62
Adult Silver $72 $70 $70
Adult Gold $75 $75 $70
Dance Preliminary $40 $32
Dance Pre-Bronze $45 / $35 / $35 $32
Dance Bronze $50 / $40 / $40 $32
Dance Pre-Silver $55 / $45 / $45 $32
Dance Silver $65 / $55 / $55 $62
Dance Pre-Gold $70 / $60 / $60 $62
Dance Gold $75 / $65 / $65 $75
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